Thursday, October 25, 2007

Washington DC

Our pastor and his wife took us to DC back in October. (Man, I'm bad about keeping this up to date!) It was so cool to see all the stuff you grow up seeing in the movies. And, everything was free, amazing!
The Lincoln Memorial

The Smithsonian (one of them)

The Jefferson Memorial

Pastor Sandy and his wife Michelle

Elijah & Isaiah

This is Elijah's best friend, Isaiah, from school. He came over to play today after school. Are they cute or what!!


Friday, October 19, 2007


The picture of Chicago is from our move. We stayed with our pastor who married us, Chris Vlachos and his wife, Patty. They took us on a wonderful one day tour of the city, it was great!

Thursday, October 18, 2007


It's been a month, I guess this is about as often as I will actually do a new post. I have been really enjoying my new job but I'm finding that it's taking up more of my time than I thought. I'm sure I will get used to it and get adjusted to the schedule. Well, we've had our first visitors, Jason's grandmother, Madeline Mau and her niece Nancy. It turns out Jason has relatives actually from this area. His great, great, grandfather is buried just down the road from where we go to church. Isn't that crazy! Madeline was adopted and so she has been doing some research on her birth family. We took the kids to Hershey, PA, about an hour drive, to the Hershey Chocolate Factory. We had a great visit. After that we were off to Mertyl Beach. Jason's parents and aunt & uncle were down there in a condo so we made the 9 hour drive for the weekend. It was worth it! We had a great time on the beach and visiting with family. Jackie was a maniac on the boogie board, that's her in the last picture. Thanks again Bruce, Cindy, Jim & Celia!

Don't worry, It's not as deep as it looks!